Hi, I’m Heather

Painter, Illustrator, Poet, FelineFemale, Fairy, Curiosity.


Raised in the beautiful hills of Eugene, Oregon, I inherited a passion for the flora, fauna, and the always changing colors all around me. My mother studied landscape architecture when I was little, and frequently brought me to her classes where I learned to draw, sculpt, and appreciate the joy of creativity.

A little later on, I returned to the University of Oregon to pursue my own degree, the most useless one ever, in English/Creative Writing Emphasis. Yes, I went into debt to write poetry! Ah the folly of youth!

I’ve gone on to pursue some exciting careers in advertising, marketing, and product development that allow me to flex my creative muscles. I’ve loved working a 9-5 and the joys of office supplies and collaborating with coworkers from all walks of life, and spending evenings and weekends on projects expressing the pure joy of creating.


I moved from primarily practicing in pen and ink with watercolor to digital painting and illustrating on an iPad at the start of the COVID pandemic isolation. I love the freedom of being able to work anywhere with no tools (well 2: the iPad and Apple Pencil), and I love how easy it has become to create alternative versions of my illustrations. The digital nature of the work allows for easier sharing, repurposing, and desktop publishing.

I’m currently working on a coloring book inspired by the 1990s New York City “Club Kids” scene, and I can’t help myself but to create my own colorful digital painting versions of the illustrations.

I have an undying love for tiny objects and often work on very small art pieces, painted rocks or seashells, artist trading cards, bookmarks, and dollhouse pieces. I am currently renovating a used dollhouse as a fortune-tellers cottage which has been an exciting way to enjoy the tiny beads, bits of string, or teeny artworks I find all around.

Email heatherdjc at gmail dot com

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Zone4All – Group show at New Zone Gallery, Eugene, OR, 2022

Everything Odd-Ems – Group show at Florence Convention Center, Florence, Oregon, 2022


Inkslingers 2013: Memoirs of the Southwest, Essay: “Go Farther, Go Faster”

Hoop Life: Dotted journal, 2020

Go Away: Space for Introverts, 2020