Healing in Color

Hello, World! It’s been a rough decade, huh?

I’ve lost some loved ones, some jobs, some mobility, and some dreams. I’ve started to focus on recovery, poking into the traumas of my life and examining my reactions. Facing the long, lonely days of COVID quarantine, I purchased an iPad pro and Procreate and resumed a daily drawing practice that had waned years ago. It was nice, healing, and I learned to enjoy painting again, but I needed more.

Though I relish living alone and consider myself an introvert, I missed people. I crave community. I want to get my art off the dining room table and into the world. The more I’ve prodded into my own mental health, the more I’ve seen these themes come up in my work. I’ve been creating a happy place in my work, where color and texture reign, and I focus on topics and themes that encourage the skills I’m building: mindfulness, tenacity, curiosity, and embracing joy.

My aim in this blog to reflect and share how art helps heal our hearts, to be part of the supportive and thoughtful community of artists online, and having a place that’s all my own (I’m looking at you Zuckerburg!) to share my work and ideas.

Please join me on this healing journey! I’d love to connect on social media and I hope to start a monthly email newsletter soon. I’m so excited to connect with other artists, people in recovery, art lovers, and shoot I’ll even take some haters! It is the internet after all!