Endings and Beginnings, with Some Sad Art and a Coloring Page

A recent loss had me under the covers over the weekend, but I channeled some of my feels into art. Mostly used the dry ink brush here in Procreate. I have been wanting to work on a coloring book, so I decided to do a line art version, and I used some of Flo’s brushes (a YouTube Procreate teacher I adore!) and some Procreate texture brushes on the blankets to give it lots of little  bits to color in.

Feel free to download and color in the jpeg below, at some point I’ll have a nice little coloring book on Amazon, but I’m going easy on myself with that right now. I have lots of healing to do and lots of creative projects going, so I will be sharing some happier posts and work soon as I paint the late Spring flowers bursting forth around me.

Procreate illustration of sad girl under pile of blankets
Coloring page for sad times laying in bed with blanket